15 Insane Facts You Never Knew About How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a children’s classic! It is not only a classic book but also has 2 amazing movies, one a cartoon and one a live-action movie starring the amazing Jim Carrey.

Here are 15 crazy facts we bet you didn’t know about How the Grinch stole Christmas. See if you know any of them and shock your friends and family!


    1. The singer who sang the well known Grinch song (Thuri Ravenscroft) is also the voice of Kellogg’ss Tony the Tiger! “Your a mean one Mr Grinch…”
    2. The famous director Tim Burton almost directed the Jim Carrey version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas but he had to ultimately back out due to a conflict with another movie.
    3. Jim Carrey was almost not the Grinch! Both Eddie Murphy and Jack Nicholson almost got the role of the Grinch!
    4. The costume, makeup and prosthetics that Jim Carrey had to wear were so uncomfortable and awkward that he received training from a CIA Agent/Navy SEAL on how to withstand and handle torture.
    1. Jim Carrey had to wear yellow contacts when he portrayed the beloved Grinch. The contacts were so uncomfortable and painful he couldn’t wear them for all of the filming. After the filming was over, the editing team how to color his eyes with CGI (computer generated imagery).
    2. The last time a movie had characters with such heavy and bountiful makeup was all the way back in 1939 in the Wizard of Oz.
    3. Over 1,000 (yes 1,000!) hours were devoted to apply makeup to the actors of the movie.
    4. Every day of filming it took 2 1/2 hours to apply makeup to Jim Carrey and 1 hour to remove it. He also spent a total of 92 days in Grinch makeup. (Can you imagine?)
    5. The set for Whoville in the movie was build in a backlot in Universal Studios. One day as a prank, Jim Carrey ran out of Bates Motel in a dress holding a kitchen knife. No one recognized him!
    1. The original Grinch from the legendary Dr. Seuss book was not green! He was black and white with some red and pink.
    2. Actors who played “who’s” had to have “who training” with a choreographer to learn how to dance, move and be mobile while acting a who.
    3. The acrobatic scenes in the movie were performed mostly by Cirque du Soleil performers.
    4. The narrator of the live action movie starring Jim Carrey featured Anthony Hopkins as the narrator.
    5. One day, director Ron Howard came to the set early and put on the Grinch suit with full makeup and directed the whole day with the suit on.
  1. In the movie, an elephant statue is seen one time when the Grinch leaves whoville, this is actually a reference to the other famous Dr. Seuss story “Horton hears a who”.
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What do you think? Did any of these surprise or shock you?

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