Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Gets Fat Shamed?

Fat shaming isn’t cool, unfortunately when behind the internet and keyboard, people tend to be much more cruel than they would in real life.

Would you believe us if we told you that Dwayne Johnson has been fat shamed?

Years ago, before Dwayne Johnson became one of the highest paid actors of all time, he was a fan favorite wrestler. Before his wrestling days, he had a dream of becoming a paid football player. While that dream didn’t pan out as he was cut from the CFL team (The Calgary Stampeders) he was trying out for. While this was a disappointment at the time, Dwayne has certainly taken the situation and turned in into something positive.

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When most people think of Dwayne Johnson, they think of his massive muscles. He is a beast! Recently, we were reminded his body wasn’t always the way it is now.

The Calgary Stampeders took an old picture and posted it online. While it’s only a headshot, you can see he’s not in the same shape as he is now.

Aside being an amazing actor, he is also quite the social media personality and is very active and posts some great stuff, in this case, we love his response!

What a transformation!

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