Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Remembers Stan Lee

Dwayne Johnson was among many, who were saddened by the loss of Stan Lee. Lee passed away at the age of 95 on Monday November 12, 2018. While currently the cause is death is unknown, Lee has been having health issues and concerns over the past year.

After hearing the sad news, Dwayne took to Instagram and Twitter to help honor the famed comic book icon.


“We lost a good one,” Dwayne Said. “What a man and what a life.”

Dwayne then started to share his experiences with Stan from many years ago. He shared some of the tips and advice that Lee gave him and how it helped him to get where he current is at.

“When I first broke into Hollywood, years ago he was so warm and welcoming to me – I’ll never forget it,” he wrote. “He gave me very sage advice on navigating a career, that I’ll always carry. What a life he’s lived and how awesome that his imagination and universe creation impacted generations around the world. And for generations to come. Rest in love, my friend.”


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