Eminem’s New Battle isn’t about Rap but Retail Clothing

Eminem’s clothing trademark is being contested by a similar named Detroit retailer Three Thirteen.

Eminem found himself in a new battle over clothing trademark. Fashion designer Clement Brown of the the Three Thirteen shop wants to block Eminem’s trademark request for his apparel line E13. Clement Brown has held that trademark for his Three Thirteen brand since 2010 and Marshal Mathers aka Eminem has filed his pending request only as of last year. Marshal Mathers clothing line logo does turn the “E” backwards though so the “E” appears to create a visual effect to look like a 3 for Detroit’s area code 313.

Clement Brown has daid the battle over his hometown intellectual property claims isn’t personal at all and he respects Eminem. He went on to say that its “imperative that we have ownership of our creations.”

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Marshall Mathers attorney, Barbara Friedman says Eminem will defend his trademark request.

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