How Dwayne Johnson spends his Millions

No one can deny how far Dwayne Johnson has come, from his humble beginnings of trying out to make it as a CFL linebacker, to his days in the WWE and now on to his days in Hollywood. He seems to have done it all.

In 2016, he was listed as the highest paid actor, making a whopping $64.5 million. Beating out well known actors such as Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt and many more.

You cannot deny that he has made his mark on show business. Aside from starring in many roles he also runs his own production company, has a bunch of endorsements and has even launched his own Ad Agency.

Here are some of the cool and interesting things that Dwayne Johnson spends his hard earned money on.

In 2016, he founded a charity called “The Dwayne Johnson Foundation”, this charity works with terminilly ill children.

To keep up with his crazy schedule, workouts and body, he has been known to have “carb up” nights where he just eats and eats. Below is a few Instagram pics showing off his famous meals.

Seafood Delight:

Who doesn’t love pancackes?


He is also known to love his cod! When he once added it up in an interview, it was confirmed that he consumes 821 pounds of cod a year! Last year (2016) he actually removed cod from his diet.

To stay in the killer shape he is in, Dwayne Johnson works with not one, but several personal trainers. Each of them have a cost ranging from $100-200 per month.

He hits the gym every day, there is rarely a day he is not seen (even on his days off)

Dwayne Johnson loves his clothes to look as good as he does, he is known for having many nice suits and loves showing them off when in public.

While we don’t know for sure, he appears to like some cars as well (he must have picked that up from working on the Fast and the Furious sets!). Below is a custom Pagani Huayra, costing in the neighborhood of $1 million dollars US!

And he has been spotted with a few others as well

Dwayne is known for his many tattoo’s, when asked about them, he confirms they are all part of his heritage and to represent parts of his life.

I think most of us can see how Dwayne Johnson can be super busy. When he’s not starring in the next big movie, he seems to be making an appearance on the red carpet, or working on his other ventures. When he is away from home, he stays in Hotels in style.

Below is a shot taken while he was filming the hit movie Central Intelligence.


Oh, did we mention how he gets to these different places? You bet he has a fancy Gulfstream jet. We don’t know if he owns one or if he rents them or borrows from a friend, but either way, it’s not cheap to fly in these!


In the past, he has confessed a serious love for Rolex Watches, he bought his first one during his days as a wrestler.

What else is there? How about some fancy real estate? Dwayne Johnson has been known for buying and selling soem luxury mansions, some he keeps, some he sells.


What do you think? Would you spend the money differently?

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