It’s 2019 and Dr. Seuss Might have a New Book!

It has just been discovered that Dr. Seuss has another unreleased book, which might be released soon! Puffin books is a publishing company in the UK, which has purchased the rights to this new and unpublished Dr. Seuss book.

The new book is based around art history, the name of this upcoming Dr. Seuss book is expected to be “Dr Seuss’s Horse Museum” and is expected to be released this September (2019). It has been 28 years since Dr. Seuss’ death, it is just an amazing feat that unreleased books are still being discovered and released. The new book features over 30 reproductions of ironic artwork by artists such as Picasso, Manet and many more. It of course, also has awesome cameos from original Dr. Seuss characters such as but not limited to – the Cat in the Hat and the Grinch and more!

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We are extremely excited to see what this new book may bring. Dr. Seuss has inspired adults and kids alike and continues to inspire us how his legacy lives on much past his death.

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