Jay-Z and Beyonce Drop Surprise Album, Everything is Love

A week ago, if you heard the phrase “Everything is Love“, you would have probably shrugged and not known what to think of it. On June 16, 2018 with no warning, the power couple (Jay-Z and Beyonce) released a joint album together called Everything is Love. The album was initially released on Tidal (which Jay-Z partially owns) with no advertising and no notice.

The surprise album has a total of 9 tracks and so far the most popular song appears to be “Apeshit”, which already has a video (see below)

The hit track touches on subjects such as their disgust with this years Grammy awards and include a shoutout from their daughter Blue Ivy to siblings.

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Although plans of a join album were discussed as early as 2017 when Jay-Z did an interview with The New York times, there appeared to be no word since then until the album dropped.  There were rumors in March 2018 about the album, but nothing was confirmed at the time.

The power couple started on their new tour (On the Run II – OTRII) on June 6, 2018. At the end of their second show on June 16, 2018 in Paris, Beyonce announced that they had a surprise. As she left the stage, the video for “Apeshit” played on the big screen. After the music video ended, large letters were on the screen – “ALBUM OUT NOW”.

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Originally when Everything is Love was first released on Tidal, many were questioning if it would ever be available by any other avenues. However, the album is also now available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

Here’s a full song list for the album, Everything is Love by Jay-Z and Beyonce:

  1. Summer [4:45]
  2. Apeshit [4:25]
  3. Boss [4:04]
  4. Nice[3:54]
  5. 713 [3:13]
  6. Friends [5:44]
  7. Heard About Us [3:10]
  8. Black Effect [5:13]
  9. LoveHappy [3:49]


Another interesting note, on many of the video’s and song lists online, instead of having the artists as “Jay-Z and Beyonce”, many of them have the artist(s) listed as “The Carters”. Could this be a new thing or are we reading too much into it?

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Check out Everything is love on Amazon Music.


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