New Music coming from Eminem and Dr Dre?

It’s something we can normal only wish for or dream about. When Eminem and Dr Dre team up, they produce some really amazing stuff.

Recently, in an Intrastram live video, IllaDaProducer teased that Eminem is getting ready to release the soundtrack to the rap movie Bodied, which he is producing. He said, “I ain’t spilling no beans,” he teased.  “We’ll see about that Bodied soundtrack. It’s coming out Friday.” 

Eminem’s music alone is something to get hyped up about, but rumor also has it that Dre is playing a role in it as well. The rumors started when James Larese (who produced Eminem’s music video for Lucky You) shared some online posts that looked like they could be plans for upcoming music videos. In one, the initials DD are shown. Many have speculated that this could mean Dr Dre (DD).

Are you looking forward to see what Eminem comes up with next? We know we are.

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