Security Flaw that Could Impact All Computers and Smart Phones – What you Need to do to stay safe!

Millions of smart phones and computers could be impacted by this serious and severe security threat. This could allow cyber criminals to steal personal information.

Google originally discovered these vulnerabilities last year. Computers, Smart Phones and other devices that use computer chips manufactured by Intel, AMD and ARM could be impacted.

Researches state that almost every computer released over the last 20 years could be vulnerable. This thread is so large that the US government warned businesses that they could be impacted.

Don’t panic just yet, there are very straightforward steps you can perform yourself to protect you and your data and information.

Below are the easy steps you can take to protect yourself (most of them are quick and easy updates from the manufacturer)


Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac Devices

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Apple has reported that they have addressed the majority of the security concerns for Mac computers in the MacOS 10.13.2 update which was released in December 2017.

Further fixes and proactive measures are reported to be released in an upcoming MacOS 10.13.3 update according to AppleInsider.

The easiest and best thing that Mac users can do is search for updates by opening the App Store App and just clicking Updates in the toolbar. This is recommended practice to do on a regular basis to ensure you are always up to date.

If still isn’t clear if iPhones, iPods or iPads are impacted as they use Apple’s own chip instead of Intel or AMD. The best and safest thing you can do is ensure that your iOS is up to date by going to Settings, General, Software Update.

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Windows Devices

Microsoft has already released an emergency update for Windows 10. This update will automatically be applied to all Windows 10 devices (source: The Verge).

Microsoft has insisted that they don’t believe that there have been any attacks on Windows devices due to these vulnerabilities.

For Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines, it is expected that an automatic update will be applied either this week or next week.

If you own a computer running Windows you can run this update manually by going to Settings, Searching Windows Update and Checking for Updates.


Android and Chromebook Devices

Google has stated that they have already updated all of there systems and impacted products to protect them. They have stated their devices with the most recent updates are protected from these vulnerabilities. As with all other devices, users should check for updates on a regular basis by going to Settings, System, System Update.

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Unfortunately Android devices on an older version of their operating system could still be vulnerable. Google is apparently still working on this.

Google Chromebook users are being advised to update to the newest version of ChromeOS (63).

Google has also confirmed that they have not seen any of these vulnerabilities or threads present on Google Home, Chromecast, Google Wifi or OnHub devices.

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