The Best New Rappers: Rap Music Overcrowded

How can you get the best new rap music? Who is the best when it comes to rap? I believe that each rapper in order to become the best has to believe he or she is the best. Hip hop is not made for rappers that think they are the second best rapper. No one wants to buy an album from the second greatest rapper in the world. Therefore, I am the best rapper I know. Sure I like Lil Wayne, I like Jay-Z but ultimately I am better. It’s all perception. It’s all opinions. In order for someone else to believe in me, I have to believe in me.

You have to know who you are as a rapper and what your goal is. Show me a rapper with no goal and no sense of identity and I’ll show you an unsuccessful rapper. I once heard that it’s easy to say what you will do but it’s hard to know what you won’t do. You have to stand for something. When I write my music, I’m telling you my true life. It’s no fairy tales with me. I believe you shouldn’t sit down and say I’m gonna make a club song or any certain type of song. You should sit down and write a song. Tell your true feelings and experiences, that’s what people connect with when it comes to being a rapper. Your music will last forever because others will relate to your music based on experience.

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You can still listen to LL’s I need love because we still experience this as men. You can still understand Tupac’s Dear Momma because it’s real to you. We may not be saying superman or stanky leg in just 3 more years because those are fads and fads simply fade. We have to understand how to become irreplaceable in hip hop. Some people say that rap music is dead, but it’s not. It’s only alive in people who don’t know the history behind rap. We must provide the experience of the past to the younger generation so they’ll know what’s already been done.


I was born in the late seventies when rap was just a baby so it was easy to look back. I could still hear everyone on the radio. I could see what they were doing and build on it. Now rappers who never listened to the Fat Boys, Wu Tang, Curtis Blow, or NWA, Big Mike, and Ghetto Boys don’t have a clue. They hear music done today and emulate what sells. Rap has got to be more than about money, it’s got to be stories and real life or it truly will die. That’s why I say that I’m the best rapper and if you rap, so are you just not in my opinion. Simply believe!


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