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This article is all about Cat in the Hat quotes. “The Cat in the Hat” is a famous children’s book title written by Dr Seuss in 1957. By that time, parents were so eager to get hold of wholesome reading materials for their kids.

The book became a recommended book for children who are beginning to read. That is because the words used in the entire story are only a few. Not much long or hard vocabulary terms were used within the text.

In fact, the original Cat in the Hat only contained 1,626 words. Among these, unique words only totaled 236, 54 of which were mentioned once and 33 words were used exactly only twice throughout the entire book.

Even the most common articles, conjunctions, adjectives and pronouns like “the”, “I”, “and” and “not” were individually used 40 times throughout the text.

Interestingly, the longest words used in the story are the words “playthings” and “something”. By those simple and trivial information, you can surely assert that “The Cat in the Hat” is truly one heck of a very simple book that is written specifically for very young children.

Cat in the Hat quotes

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Interestingly, there are still numerous trademark Cat in the Hat quotes. However short and simple the quotes are, they still found their way to get into the consciousness of the castigating literary public.

For people who are out to discern and dissect quotes from hidden meanings, you would be disappointed. For the story is not much rich in those types of quotes. Because sentences are usually simple and short, the statements were mostly conversational in nature.

However, the Cat in the Hat quotes were really amusing. To some extent, those quotes are really funny, especially for the minds and intellectual senses of very young children, to whom the book was written for.

Very young children are too creative and imaginative. Thus, the “Cat in the Hat” would truly facilitate further for those attributes. Upon reading the book, children would surely not bother to drop it off for other things.

Once engaged, the kid would have to sit down and read the book until its last page. The quotes would truly be appreciated for they somehow tickles the imagination and arise interest in the young minds.

So what other form of motivation can come greater than that? Dr Seuss has been truly creative in dealing with parents’ problems that their kids are not too interested in learning the skill to read initially.

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Why the Cat in the Hat was written

Many analysts and insiders assert that the book was written so that children’s minds would be tickled so they would be eager to learn more and improve their learning skills. According to Dr. Seuss, the book intended to make use of many quotes that would speak for the actions and the exchange of ideas between the characters.

The cat in the book is a humanized cat that represents imagination and creativity. Engaging too much in them would surely create havoc, but in the end, would be all worth it.

Dr Seuss is believed to have written “Cat in the Hat” to address the argument raised by author John Hersey in a May 1954 article in Life Magazine. Mr Hersey pointed out in the magazine article that children are less interested to read because the textbooks during those times did not facilitate for learning.

Mr Hersey also said that the reading materials were too boring, were not using lively illustrations and significantly lacked imagination to keep the children engaged into reading.

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Dr Seuss agreed, and three years after released the “Cat in the Hat”, which is currently the 9th biggest selling hard-cover book for children of all times. The book was warmly welcomed by children and parents alike.

The Cat in the Hat quotes were not seen as annoying, but rather as a contributing factor to the story’s overall appeal. Indeed, Dr Seuss revolutionized story telling those times, when people were used to reading very heavy quotes from story characters in novels and printed stories.

If you have not read the book, it is never too late to catch up. See how quotes rhymed and how kids from all ages through the years have come to love the story.

“The Cat in the Hat” is truly one literary treasure.

Source by John S. Rhodes

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