The Dear Becca meme from an episode of The Bachelorette is reminding Everyone of an Eminem Song

On a recent episode of The Bachelorette, Chris Randone wrote a letter to Becca Kufrin in a very dramatic scene, which is now starting to remind everyone of an Eminem song and video. This quickly turned into a meme called “Dear Becca”. Obviously as soon as someone see’s the picture and hears Dear Becca, the first thing in many people’s mind is a famous lyric by non other than the great Eminem. “Dear Stan” is what comes to mind.

Drama on The Bachelorette is nothing new, regular watchers will confirm this. However the drama normally doesn’t involve written a letter with pen and paper. After a horrible group date with Becca Kufrin that involves some horrible things such as fat shaming, threats and just regular arguments – Chris knew he wasn’t near the favorite anymore, so he decided to try to appeal to her sensitive side with a new tactic.

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Chris sat along with low lighting and dramatic music and started to write a hand written letter to Becca. The audience didn’t get to see what was in the letter, so we can only guess. However it appeared to be a very long letter, but it still was not enough and Becca gave him the boot and sent him home.

After the episode aired, it quickly turned into an internet sensation called the “Dear Becca” meme. From there, everyone started to compare to the legendary song Stan by Eminem!


What do you think? Personally we like Dear Stan much better!

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