Touching Story of How a Boy Visits Whoville thanks to a local school and Make a Wish foundation

If you were to ask Hayden McIntyre what his favorite thing in the world is, he would reply with The Grinch.

The Make a Wish foundation and Ballston Spa Middle School teamed up to make sure Hayden had an experience he will never forget. The school decorated and transformed there gym into Whoville and several people dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters from the story How the Grinch stole Christmas.

Hayden has a condition which places him in a wheelchair. Him and his family arrived at the school in style in a nice limousine and he was treated to a nice surprise of visiting Whoville.

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Hayden sported a Grinch hat was smiling as he arrived and viewed Whoville and got even more excited when the school’s drama club sang “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”.

The Make a Wish foundation reached out to the middle school to see if they could put something together for Hayden. Immediately the drama club had interest and easily recruited 25 volenteers for the occassion.

When his parents were asked Why the Grinch, they responded with:

“He’s been obsessed with The Grinch. He loves Grinch and he loves Elf. Those are his two favorites. Come Christmas time that’s all he watches. He won’t watch anything else but that,” said Strait. “We buy him the DVD, which we do for Christmas, every year, regardless if there’s nothing wrong with the other one. We buy it for him every year. He loves it. It’s the one thing that makes him happy.”

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