Valerie Breiman – Going Overboard

Schecky Moskowitz (Adam Sandler) is the zany cocktail waiter on this pleasure cruise with stunningly gorgeous beauty queens. Since the ship’s comedian, Dickie Diamond, gets all the girls by being the funny man, Shecky dreams of taking over as the ship’s comic. Unfortunately, Dickie doesn’t want the competition and refuses to give Schecky a chance at performing as his warm up. As fate would have it, the comedian gets locked in the bathroom. In need of a comic act, Schecky is given his big break at stand-up. Suddenly all the beauty queens become interested in the funny Schecky. But the big question is will he sink or swim? Schecky’s antics rock the boat in this hilarious sea adventure which contains hysterical comic sketches and sexy fantasy.

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By Valerie Breiman

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