Watch Celebrities Sing Eminem Songs

Everyone knows Eminem makes some awesome songs. His writing style mixed with some awesome beats often deliver amazing hits that top charts and entertain fans. What happens when you take these songs and get other people to sing/rap them? Better yet, what happens when you get other celebrities to sing/rap them?

Could you ever imagine Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) rap The Real Slim Shady?

What about Ed Sheeran singing singing his style to an Eminem song? (River doesn’t count!)

How about Justin Bieber? Never mind – we all know he wants to be Eminem.

Could you imagine Taylor Swift singing to Eminem’s music?

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What about Kelly Clarkson? Could she pull it off?

Check out the video below and see the other famous singers and celebrities do their take with Eminem’s songs.

Who pulls it off the best? We’ve got to admin, some of these are catchy! But, who doesn’t like Eminem’s songs?

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