Wrestling Facts for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The beloved 6 foot 5 inches 260 lbs The Rock came about wrestling through his family. His father, grandfather and several other members of the Johnson family are current or former professional wrestlers. This includes his uncles the Wild Samoans ( Afa and Sika Anoai). Along with his cousins sucha as former WWF Champion Yokozuna, The Fomer WWF Tag Team Champion Rikishi and current wrestler Umaga formally known as Jamal. When The Rock insisted in joining the family business his father wasn’t pleased but agree to train his son himself. Making sure he knew he wasn’t going to go easy on him. With the help of a former WWF executive and veteran wrestler Pat Patterson, Dwayne was able to secure a tryout with WWF. Pat was so impressed by his talent at wrestling and his charisma that he signed on to a WWF deal after a short stint. 1996-1997 he wrestled under the name Flex Kavana and Pidaloan Rock.


The Rock has several signature and finishing wrestling moves that he is well known for:

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·      His known signature wrestling moves are the:

·      Float-over DDT

·      Flowing snap DDT, Sometimes followed by kip-up

·      Running swimming neck breaker

·      The Jumping Clothesline

·      Spine buster which is usually followed by the Peoples Elbow

·      Sharpshooter

·      The Samoan drop

·      The Scoop Slam (1997-2000) was followed by the Peoples Elbow, This was replaced by the Spine buster in 2000

·      The snap overhead belly-to-belly suplex

·      The standing drop kick (1996-1997)

·      Diving Cross body (1996-199) this was used as Rocky Maivia



His Finishing Moves consist of: 

·      The Peoples Elbow/ Corporate Elbow ( The running delayed high impact elbow drop with lots of theatrics 1997 – present)

·      The Rock Bottom ( Fall forward lifting side slam 1997 – Present)

·      The Running Shoulderbreaker – 1996


Not only his signature moves The Rock is also well known for his fun amazing catch phrases. Here is list of the signature catch phrases from The Rock:

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·      One of the most famous phrases is “ if/do you smell what the rock is cookin!””

·      “The Rock will laveth the smackethdown/ lay the smack down on your candy ass!”

·      “Just Bring it!”

·      “Roody Poo”

·      “Know your Role and Shut Your mouth!”

·      “Take the Biggest (Thing) Put it Sideways and Stick it straight up your Candy-Ass!”

·      “Finally The Rock has come back to (City)!”

·      “Jabroni”

·      “Pie-eatin”

·      “Hell-Raisin”

·      “Trailblasin”

·      “Peoples Champ”

·      “Monkey Ass”



One thing you may not know about Dwayne Johnson is that he has a few nicknames.


·      His most famous for is “The Rock”

·      “Rocky”

·      “The Samoan Sensation”

·      “The Blue Chipper”

·      “The Peoples Champion”

·      “The Great One”

·      “The Corporate champion”

·      “The Brahma Bull”

·      “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment”

·      “The Most Electrifying Man in All of Entertainment”

·      “The Trailblazin’, Eyebrow-Rasin’, Jabroni beating, Pie-eating, Heart stopping, Elbow Dropping Peoples Champ.”


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Besides The Rock’s stellar signature and finishing moves and famous catch phrases and nicknames is his well known theme music.

·      From 1996 – 1997 “ Destiny” by Jim Johnston

·      From 1997-1998 “Nation of Domination” by Jim Johnston

·      From 1998-1999 “Do You Smell it” By Jim Johnston

·      From 1999-2001; 2004;2007;2008 “ Know Your Role” By Jim Johnston

·      2000 “Know Your Role” by Method Man

·      2001-2003 “If You Smell…” By Jim Johnston

·      2003-2004 “Is Cookin” By Jim Johnston

·      20011 – Present “Electrifying” by Jim Johnston

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